Home Warranty Insurance in British Columbia


The Home Warranty protection provided to purchasers will meet the requirements set out in the Homeowner Protection Act. The mandatory warranty which is often referred to as 2/5/10 year warranty has the following coverage:

2 Year

Labour & Materials Coverage
Any defect in labour or materials within:

  • 12 months on detached homes and on non-common property in strata units (includes fee simple homes
  • 15 months on common property of strata buildings
Defects in materials and labour related to the delivery and distribution systems, electrical, plumbing, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, etc.
  • 24 months on all buildings


5 Year

Building Envelope Coverage


10 Year

Major Structural Defect Coverage



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Home health care for a senior or a handicapped person is not a do-it-yourself project. Family care-givers can feel very alone, frustrated and emotional at times. It is important that a caregiver receive support and help with this difficult, yet rewarding, task.

While quality hardwood floors are prized for their ability to provide interior rooms and areas with a more attractive, quaint or stately look, proper maintenance is absolutely essential to protect hardwood flooring New York materials from premature wear. Addressing issues caused by moisture and humidity, using luxury rugs and throws to protect areas that see a great deal of foot traffic and avoiding harsh cleaning agents and household chemicals that may damage flooring materials are all effective ways to ensure flooring installations continue to look their best and last as long as possible.

All homes eventually need to have their home's windows and doors replaced after several years to increase the functionality of the property. Over time, they can deteriorate with the materials that are used and can limit visibility to the outside. To determine if it's time to replace the feature, there are several benefits to making the investment.